Periodic maintenance of the window frames

Doors and windows

The wooden frame has an important advantage: it can be restored at any time of his life. Restoration work is comparable to a renovation. The goal of the restoration is to renew the coating that over the years has inevitably lost the original appearance, but it has not yet been damaged beyond repair (no cracks or broken). So it is necessary to prevent the coating completely lose the properties of wood protection, as the barrier from UV radiation or sealing water, as this would cause a rapid deterioration of the manufacture with blistering paint and disrepair of the wood.


The surface should be cleaned thoroughly with Linea Blu products HH 8011 waterbased detergent for window frames or HT 8011 waterbased detergent for window frames. After sanding with sandpaper grit 220, applies (brush or spray), a coat of clear HF 20** waterbased topcoat Linea Blu or HL 20xx waterbased enamel. If the after sanding you were to bring the wood, apply on this area before the HI impregnating agent and then the HF topcoat.


Depending on the condition of the coating.

Product to use
  • 220 grit sandpaper, paintbrush with bristles natural
  • Synthetic or spray gun nozzle size 2.5 or 3. HF 20xx Linea Blu clear topcoat and HI 20xx waterbased wood stain or HL 20xx waterbased enamel