LINEA BLU Sayerlack: professional coatings
for all wood types to meet all the needs of DIY-ers.

Launched by Sayerlack in 1996, Linea Blu is a range of hi-tech coatings for protecting and decorating wood and iron objects. They are easy to apply and can effectively solve any specific application requirement.

The work of our R&D lab, which has more than sixty years of experience in creating formulas and applications, has led to Linea Blu, which is now at the cutting-edge for durability and the aesthetic quality of top coats.


Linea Blu coatings are the result of the high quality of Sayerlack, a leading brand in the market of professional coatings for wood. They are particularly intended for use by expert craftsmen and DIYers.
The range of products offers a complete solution for protecting and decorating wood and iron objects.
The Linea Blu Sayerlack range mainly comprises waterborne coatings that guarantee odourless application and ensure low environmental impact. All Linea Blu Sayerlack products comply with the VOC limits established by the Decopaint Directive (Directive 2004/42/CE).
Environmental protection is highly important for Linea Blu: the range almost exclusively comprises waterborne coatings that have obtained the EU Ecolabel for environmental quality.