What is the QR code?

The QR code is the Quick Response code. It is the smart successor to the barcode.
It can contain about 4,300 characters to that you can link up to: written texts, videos, websites, etc.


How do you use it?

With a mobile phone (new generation mobile phones have the programme already installed), or you can simply activate the programme and “point” to the code.
Then you can obtain all the information that the creator of the QR has decided to make available: videos, brochures, advertising techniques, safety sheets, websites etc.


Where can I find it?

All the labels in the Linea Blu Sayerlack range have this new “technology”, and you can also find them on every brochure!

Above each individual product label there is a different and specific QR code for each product. You can then link up to a video or a technical data sheet updated in real time!

What are the advantages?

On their smartphones, all our customers will immediately receive all the details, technical data sheets and tips on how to apply our Linea Blu Sayerlack products.

Once again, we are always a step ahead!