Periodic maintenance of the window frame

Doors and windows

The refresh is an action easy to do, that will not take long time, but has a significant importance to maintain for a long time the original appearance of the coating. It should be performed on the coating film in good condition, not damaged by scratches, dents or cracks. It has the following purposes: bring the protective layer to its original state maintain the original water repellency maintain the original elasticity performance


Carefully clean the frame using Linea Blu waterbased detergent HH 8011; it’s not necessary to sand the surface and it’s a very simply action by applying the product with a soft cloth that does not shed fibers, and using without distinction Linea Blu revitalizer for window frames KK 1112 or Linea Blu waterbased revitalizer for window frames HH 8012. Apply the product with circular motion of the hand, taking care to remove any excess.

Allow to dry for a few hours before to touch the frame.
Caution: the Linea Blu revitalizer KK 1112 applied on white top-coat causes yellowing. Avoid applying high thickness or accumulation: the product should be absorbed by the coating like the cream on the skin.


One a year after cleaning

Product to use
  • Linea Blu detergent HH 8011
  • Linea Blu waterbased revitalizer HH 8012 or solvent based KK 1112.